Thursday, March 26, 2009

Phone pas

I wanted to share a little something I found funny.

I'm sure anyone out there who sends text messages with any frequency is aware that the phone can give you the wrong word, particularly when the word is short. For example, every time I try to type "home" (4-6-6-3), it instead places the word "good" into the message. So if I try to tell 2nd that she might "beat me home," I have to make sure I don't accidentally send her a message saying that she will "beat me good."

But I've been witness to a more disconcerting substitution in the past few weeks. When I want to refer to 2nd as "wife" (9-4-3-3), it will instead place in a word no husband should ever call his wife. Or any woman for that matter. The consequences would be grim indeed. You see, 9-4-3-3 spells "wide."

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Axel said...

This is SO funny! Awesome Sweet!