Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Scientia gratis scientiae

You know those sinks in public restrooms that sense the presence of your hands? We have that at my workplace. Pretty nifty idea. The problem is that you have no control over the temperature. Not that it matters anyway, because I'm sure our sinks are just hooked up straight to the cold water line. Brr. I think I'd rather have to turn some wet faucet handles. Technology is only good when it improves your life.

Sedan-truck update

Amazingly, the MVA was helpful! Maybe it helped that I called ahead to explain the issue. The mistake was made at one branch, but I now live closer to another, and wanted to fix it there. I got the two branch managers to work it out and verify that I would be getting it fixed at no cost.

I went in, and had to find the manager's office. I turned my head all directions, and a gentleman who was waiting in line kindly pointed me towards the end of the line. Thanks, but no thanks, waiting in line at the MVA is for chumps! (I know I'll regret typing those words, but it felt nice to bypass that part.) I quickly got a new registration -- ugh, it still expires at the same date as the old one, so it's not really new -- and plates.

Then the employee helping me reminded me to check the title. So when I got home, I looked at it and...drat! It's titled as a truck, too! I've left two messages and waited a week, and they still haven't responded. They were so helpful with the registration, but now they're stonewalling me on the title. Jerks.