Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ears first -- that's the rule

2nd and I spent Easter Sunday with 2nd's family. There was no Easter egg hunt, nor Easter baskets...but there was an Easter bag hunt! However, since other guests had not yet arrived, 2nd's youngest sister, 5thof5, had to let us know which bag was intended for us. Naturally, we found that one only after we had found every other bag.

Fortunately, our bag did contain the traditional chocolate bunny. I thought no one was looking, but I guess 2nd managed to get a candid shot of me digging in:

It was Sunday night before 2nd and I realized we had failed to obtain another staple of the holiday, Cadbury Cream Eggs. This would not do. So on Monday, 2nd grabbed some at the store, and Easter was saved. She even hid them for me. Joy!