Friday, April 11, 2008

Kiter's remorse

I tried flying my stunt kite today, because the wind was supposed to be 13 mph. However, my cheap, heavy kite can't fly in the wind unless it's steady, rather than gusty -- and it was gusty. (Actually, I stood out for several minutes, and only felt two gusts, and from vastly different directions. So sad.) :(

I think I might have to put this kite away for now, and reserve it strictly for beach use. However, I found this kite. It's flyable even in no wind (check out the video), and it's affordable! It also has short line, which is supposed to increase responsiveness and make tricks easier to learn. Maybe then I'll be able to do something with my other one when I take it to the beach. That's my hope, at least. (Even if I can't get it to do tricks, I can always put a tail on it and just do loops and turns, leaving a trail in the sky. I think that would look cool.)

I just need to get to the beach, so I can use that big (heavy) one. I've never been to beaches up here in Maryland -- either out at the eastern shore or the Chesapeake Bay. The bay is actually fairly close, while the eastern shore is about three hours out. But I don't know how the wind will be as good at the bay. Still, it should make a fun trip someday.

What do you think?