Thursday, March 5, 2009

Maybe I should just turn around?

I got my registration fixed in January, and now I've been reimbursed for the more expensive plates they had originally sold me. Now I just have to get the title fixed.

In the meantime, I've had my apartment complex lose my rent check and file a court case against me for it; the corporation holding my car loan is still sending the statements to my old address (despite three requests to update their records), so they arrive at my new apartment late; and my internet provider is adding extra services I never approved, resulting in bills double the normal amount.

One step forward, three steps backward. Sometimes I wonder if everyone in Maryland is inept, or if I'm just some sort of magnet for those who are.

In other news, it is now less than 48 hours until I marry the love of my life! (And she's totally ept.)


Angie said...

Uh....court case? I hope you can get that one resolved soon. We're looking forward to seeing you tonight.

Hot Cup said...

I did already, thankfully. I caught that they hadn't deposited my rent check two weeks into the month, and they claimed never to have received it. I had put the check in their drop box, so I don't know how they could have missed it.

I was afraid they wouldn't take my word for it, but when I wrote them another check they said they would dismiss the case. But I had to check up on them several times before they actually filled out the paperwork to dismiss it.

From now on I'm getting a receipt in person for each rent check. They've lost my trust.

Axel said...

I think its the MD thing. You growing up in NoVA should have been aware! hahah