Thursday, October 13, 2011


Okay, so I've not posted here in ages, partly because I'm so slow at getting the Italy trip written up (well, I'm not really working on it), and I have the idea that I should do that first, so nothing gets written.

Anyway, we've been seeing this super-creepy spiders lately. Similar proportions to tarantulas, about the size of a nickel. Not that big, but still, they creep me out. Last week, I twice saw one on our threshold, between the door and the storm door. Fortunately, neither got in the house. I killed one of them. Then two more on the porch when I got home today, and 2nd showed me one that she killed in the house, but didn't have the courage to clean up.

Oh, and three fraudulent charges on my credit card caused my card to be declined when I tried to buy groceries today. It's a really good thing that I've had this $100 bill -- which was given to us as a gift for our baby -- for months. I never knew where to break it. Thankfully, the self-checkout machine took it without any problems at all. Two problems solved!

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