Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Honeymoon, Day 3 (Wednesday)

On Wednesday, we took a ferry to Carriacou. (The map doesn't show the distance between Grenada and Carriacou.) The county of Grenada is made up of the islands of Grenada, Carriacou, and Petit Martinique. Carriacou is smaller and about a tenth as populated as Grenada.

2nd didn't take the motion of the waves too well. When we made it to Carriacou, we bought her some motion sickness medication at the drugstore. Apparently they see this pretty often, because they sold us just a couple pills from the package for only a few cents each! Next, we hired a local taxi/tour driver to give us a tour of the island. (I haven't mentioned yet that taxis/personal tour vans are very common on Grenada. Many hang around the docks where they can pick up tourists debarking for just one day from a cruise ship.) Thomas, our guide, took us all over the island and showed us all the sites.

Thomas told us about the ownership of the island changing from the French to the British. The French used L'Esterre Bay as a harbor, but the British wanted to be different, so they set up their harbor in Hillsborough Bay, where it remains. He showed us the hospital sitting in the hills looking over the town, built away from the town to isolate the diseased. The hospital had a Flamboyant Tree, which we realized at that point was the inspiration for the name of our hotel. Unfortunately, it wasn't in bloom.

Thomas dropped us off at Paradise Beach, in L'Esterre Bay, for lunch and some relaxation. While there, we met a few British tourists. The older couple had vacationed there before, and told us that the ocean was usually much calmer. It seems we caught a bad week for that. Still, we waded in the ocean and had a great time. Time went too quickly, and before we knew it, the time had come to head back to Grenada.

We got back, and it had been a tiring day of traveling, so we stayed in for the night and enjoyed our evening.

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2nd said...

Last Tuesday when I was feeling a little sick the metro felt kinda like that ferry :(