Friday, November 30, 2007

The companies that loves misery

Thanks a lot, Despair, Inc. You sent your weekly new-product email out at 9:31 PM.

Thanks a lot, Verizon DSL. Your inability to start service in anything short of a fortnight caused me to not see the email until this morning, at work.

The result: I missed the limited edition shirt. :-(
Now, I'm left to wonder whether I'd look good in a baby doll shirt.

No. Probably not "good," just "disturbing."


2nd said...

Seriously? They went that fast? Hmmm, I wonder if there are any baby doll ones left now.

Btw, my order from them finally arrived yesterday. Exactly 30 days after I placed my order. Geez.

Hot Cup said...

Congratulations! With delivery times like that, I wonder if the shirt would've been in by Christmas, anyway. I suppose I always could've worn it next year.

2nd said...

Did you try getting one with the secret code today?

Hot Cup said...

Yes, I did. I also ordered a few other things, so I should get some freebies, too. :)